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Dragées de Verdun

Pastel Dragées 44% avola almond in Small Tin

pastel dragees
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pastel drageespastel dragees


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Who said dragées were only for weddings, christenings and other special events? Let yourself be seduced by these delightful French dragées de Verdun presented in a pretty collectible tin. (2.29 oz)

In the Middle-Ages, an apothecary from the town of Verdun in northeast France had the idea of coating medications with a layer of sugar to disguise the taste of it. Around 1220, a confectioner of the same town used the same technique to coat almonds. This is how the dragée was born. However some people claim the dragée was invented by a Roman candy-maker named Julius Dragatus who was known for coating almonds and spices with honey that he called “dragati” to be given to crowds on celebration days. Whatever its origin may be, these confections have a long history and are traditionally associated with weddings and special celebrations. The town of Verdun acquired its reputation for its dragées by the 13th century.

Ingredients: almonds, sugar, corn syrup, acacia, gelatin, artificial flavor, artificial color.

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Dragees de Verdun
Dragées de Verdun ~ price: $44.58
Dragees de Verdun
Dragées de Verdun ~ price: $44.58
white dragees
Dragées Verdunoise ~ price: $61.78

Histoire Sucrée takes you to a sweet world where gourmet candy, dragees, candied fruit, marrons glaces, candied flowers, nougat, chocolate candy and biscuits have been made in France by expert artisans for centuries. Histoire Sucrée is committed to delighting you with unique French sweets and surprising you with retro tin boxes that have been part of French culture and represent a unique and collectible gift to the ones you love.

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