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About Us

Histoire Sucrée was founded in 2007 by two people who were passionate about France and its rich heritage. At Histoire Sucrée, you will explore a world of French candy, candied fruit, marrons glacés, candied flowers, dragées, nougat and biscuits whose stories belong to an extremely colorful past.

We carefully select the products according to their taste, quality and historical links. Some of these sweets are placed in beautiful tin boxes that can be collected or given to the ones you love. Some others are completely handmade by artisans and contain no preservative or artificial additives.

Each product we offer is unique as it is made in a specific region of France and will give you some insight into French culture and history.

Histoire Sucrée was born of love for French culture. The French founder had missed the sweets of her childhood while living abroad and found that many foreigners were curious about French candy as well. She sensed a need in the marketplace and after returning to France, she worked on opening an online shop while catering to francophiles.

Our hope at Histoire Sucrée is to share with you in the discovery of a sweet culture. 


Refunds policy

Histoire Sucrée cannot be held responsible if no-one is present at the time of delivery and as a result delivery is delayed.

Histoire Sucrée is not responsible either for undeliverable addresses or incorrect recipient names and addresses.

If however your package was damaged during shipping and arrives in unsatisfactory condition, Histoire Sucrée will be happy to refund your order.

To request a refund, please email us at: contact@histoiresucree.com


Histoire Sucrée takes you to a sweet world where gourmet candy, dragees, candied fruit, marrons glaces, candied flowers, nougat, chocolate candy and biscuits have been made in France by expert artisans for centuries. Histoire Sucrée is committed to delighting you with unique French sweets and surprising you with retro tin boxes that have been part of French culture and represent a unique and collectible gift to the ones you love.

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